Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Journey Begins

This week we are on the way with our first installment of Reflect and Connect as we discuss Learning Goals that will help establish ways practitioners can improve on their practice and achievements and how it will build on their capacity to learn.
The development of personal goals involves Identifying the goals and strategies to achieve them, monitoring there progress by reporting in a reflection blog and developing any new goals
To achieve large goals they must be broken down into small goals that are realistic and by keeping track of these small manageable goals should  motivate them towards larger Goals.
An e-idea Action Plan has been developed  and participants will this coming week Action their learning goals.

All Participants will  develop a blog of reflection that will document all aspects of this course this will help them think further about their professional practice.
Participants are finding their way around Moodle completing their profile and introducing them selves in the forums.. Before they head to Mahara.
The first Synchronous session is in blackboard/Collaborate this evening where we will get to know each other and the facilitators will guide the students through the weekly task.

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