Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reflect and Connect .. Join us

Reflect and Connect
Coach Carole and Junita Lyon are  facilitating 7 synchronous sessions in blackboard/elluminate live room to deliver and guide this blended learning approach.
Orientation begins... 
We are into our first orientation week and participants are being introduced to the Moodle environment.  
We will start to get to know each other in the forums before meeting in synchronous time at blackboard/ collaborate next Monday 20th June.

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Project Summary:

Delivery of a totally online (eportfolio approach) course in Moodle/Mahara that is designed to empower learners to build their personal learning networks and eportfolios as a digital citizen.

Who are the learners being targeted in this project?

Local and international business professionals, educators, managers and coordinators. Anyone who wishes to improve on their professional practice and who want to learn how to be a digital citizen with their own personal learning network and eportfolio. These professionals can be found in micro tourism, all sectors of education and work skills industries, health and community services and for those that are life long learners.

How will they be empowered through this activity?

Learners will be fully immersed in an online experience of creating their own personal learning networks. They will be able to form action partnerships and build a community of practice around their networks. Learners will be empowered and have the necessary skills to enrol in other totally online courses offered locally and internationally.

Type of elearning:

Learners will access learning materials in a Moodle course and have access to a Mahara eportfolio system; they will participate with their facilitators in virtual classrrooms on a regular basis and will communicate with their group and action partners in real time in their own Elluminate V room.

What are the main features of the learning approach you’ll use?

The learning approach will be a collaborative learner generated experience supported by action partners and group facilitation. Participants will also develop their own personal learning network spaces and eportfolios, guided by templates and scaffolded by their facilitators. An eportfolio approach to learning will be used to implement a guided process of reflective practice.

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