Thursday, June 23, 2011

R&C Participants get to know one another!

the importance of online presence!

The Orientation topic was a great opportunity to get to know the Moodle environment, and now the Getting Started topic enables participants to get to know each other. The any time forums help everyone to read and post at times that suit them and they can take their time to provide timely and thoughtful responses to each other.

The Moodle environment enables everyone to see 'what's new' in the activities navigation bar and they can also track new posts for themselves so that new ones are highlighted. All of this saves time and energy and avoids the trap of not knowing where you've been.

This week in Getting Started participants are focussed on their goals and thinking through their e-ideas - they will be able to upload their action plan through the Moodle assignment dropbox.

We've included some engaging tools in the Moodle environment this week, including a learning sequence set out as chaapters of a book. Participants have also begun to explore how to access their Mahara eportfolios.

Its an exciting start ... stay tuned for more!

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