Sunday, July 17, 2011

Reflecting and Connecting

Reflection can be used in any work or educational sector , it is important in our professions  to find answers to our daily professional practice and lives. We are constantly adapting and building on our experience.
Schön speaks of reflective practitioners who are not just skilful or competent but “thoughtful, wise and contemplative”, whose work involves “intuition, insight and artistry” this is so true.
As professionals we must work within a code of ethics and practice this ensures we are in tune with the needs of others and run our professional lives under a sensible set of rules .

Students have been discussing  how to give and receive feedback, how to reflect on a critical incident and understand codes of ethics. The forums are buzzing with evaluation research and new ideas.

Views in the students  e-portfolios are starting to grow and all are getting a grasp on the e-portfolios concept.

 The students have been evaluating web 2.0 tools as a collaborative team. We look forward to hearing their findings.

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